Writing My Own Ticket

Sitting in the Greyhound Bus station in Reno, Nevada, I could barely contain my excitement. It was 1981, and I was on summer break from college. In my hand was an Ameripass, good for 15 consecutive days of unlimited bus travel anywhere within the 11 western states.

For the first time in my life, I could write my own ticket. Should I go west to the Pacific Ocean, east to the Rocky Mountains, north to Canada, or south to Mexican border? Ultimately, over those 15 carefree days, I wandered as far as Bozeman, Montana before heading back to school.

Ever since then, the smell of diesel exhaust immediately transports me back to that Greyhound depot, and revs up my sense of adventure.  Now, thirty-five years later, with a whiff of bus fumes in the air, I am ready to roll down the road once more. This time, I aim to write my own ticket one blog post at a time. 

I plan to write weekly articles focused on themes that are unique to the places we visit on our month-at-a-time travels. I enjoy writing about remarkable places, what they teach me, and how they make me feel.

I delight in research. The more I learn about a place beforehand, the more inspiring and meaningful my visit. Afterwards, I relish the opportunity to share my adventures with my friends.

We hope you will climb on the bus, take a window seat, and ride along with us. All Aboard!

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