Month at a Time Travel

Look Kids, Parliament!

Like the Griswold’s in National Lampoon’s European Vacation, our family has also glimpsed famous monuments and landmarks from the car window, while trapped in traffic roundabouts.

On our whirlwind vacations, limited by work schedules and school calendars, we have only scratched the world’s polished surface. Now, as we embark on our career break, we want to slow down, and drill through the hard outer crust.

To this end, we aim to live a full month in as many different places as we possibly can. One month is long enough to probe the depths of our chosen destinations, but short enough to string together a series of varied adventures.

We plan to travel for three months in the spring and three months in the fall, while returning home for the crowded summer vacation and winter holiday periods. By staying in a place for a month at a time, we hope to settle in and live like the locals.

We will shop for our own groceries, fill the fridge, make a snack, and crack a beer. We will do most of our own cooking, and make our own tea in the morning and coffee in the afternoon. Hyped-up on caffeine, we want to write a travelogue, and post weekly articles to our blog.

As we begin our month-at-a-time journey, we can finally escape the roundabout, and the immortal words of Clark W. Griswold, Jr., “C’mon Honey, the Louvre closes in 15 minutes, and there are 100,000 works of art to see.”

2 thoughts on “Month at a Time Travel

  1. Congratulations Joe & Esther on your new traveling life. You’ll love it. If you’ve delved very far into our blog you know that we’ve been traveling like this for years. We’ve done a couple of 6-month RTWs, and lived and worked overseas for a few years as well. As you know, there’s a vast difference between a tourist and a traveler, and taking a month to see a place, definitely qualifies as a traveling lifestyle. Best of luck and Bon Voyage. ~James

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    • Thank you, James. We have already learned a lot from your experiences through your blog. Thanks for the encouragement, and for checking in on us. Happy travels, Joe & Es


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