A New Day in America’s Finest City

Following our last sunset in Pismo Beach, a new day has dawned for us in San Diego, California. In Pismo, we chilled-out in a beachside single-wide, clambered over massive sand dunes, walked endless beaches, and searched for birds and other coastal wildlife.

Pismo Waves Sunset_Small tonemapped

We were probably crazy to live in a small defenseless trailer on the beach during the most treacherous anticipated El Niño in history. Mercifully, El Niño was a no-show in Pismo. During the last El Niño in 1998, Pismo Beach recorded 12.42 inches of rain during the month of February. This past month, we only received 0.55 inches.

SD Condo Exterior_Small tonemapped

Our urban high rise and Quince Street pedestrian bridge

Leaving behind pleasant and peaceful Pismo Beach, we have taken up residence in vibrant and exciting San Diego, the nation’s eighth largest city. For the month of March 2016, we have moved into a modern high-rise condominium in the city’s hip Bankers Hill neighborhood, just a block from celebrated Balboa Park.

SD Condo Inside_Small tonemapped

Inside of condo

The spacious condo has clean lines, and is decorated with contemporary furniture and modern artwork. Instead of viewing birds and butterflies from the deck of the single-wide, we now watch 737s scratching their bellies on the serrated city skyline from our 7th floor balcony. In Pismo, we passed fragrant eucalyptus trees and a serene Monarch butterfly grove on our way to the beach. Here, we take the elevator and cross a busy intersection to access the metropolitan gardens of Balboa Park.

Mural_Small tonemapped

5th Avenue mural of Cabrillo Bridge and Balboa Park

Balboa Park was developed in the Spanish Colonial Revival architectural style for the 1915-1916 Panama-California World’s Fair. A century later, the park radiates the charm and antiquity of an Andalusian alcazar. Living so close to the park, we can easily visit its cultural and recreational attractions, enjoy the tranquility of its gardens, and absorb its many museum exhibits.

Santa Fe Station_Small tonemapped

Trains and trolleys at Santa Fe Depot

Back on the urban streets, we are trying to rapidly synchronize with the city’s energetic heartbeat, as we flow through its transportation arteries by road and rail. Using San Diego’s vast public transportation system, we would like to explore the entire metropolitan area, from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Mexico.

Serra 1_Small tonemapped

Saint Junipero Serra

Like Spanish explorers, we want to discover San Diego, considered the birthplace of California. As such, this is an integral location for understanding the influence of Spain in California’s early history. To realize this history, we will look for the place where the Spaniards first came ashore in California, and where the Franciscan’s established the first of the state’s twenty-one missions.

SD Skyline Timelapse 1_Small tonemapped

Time-exposure from condo of 737 landing over San Diego skyline

As our new day unfolds in San Diego, we look forward to playing in the park, exploring the metropolitan area, and discovering the history of California. When the sun finally sets on our new day, and the lights of the skyline switch on, our wish is that we will have experienced a relaxing, exciting, and educational month here in San Diego, “America’s Finest City”.

Liz Tired Back of Car_Small tonemapped

Are we there yet?

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